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Impala SS Launched

The Impala became a stand-alone model for 1959. In 1961 Chevy introduced the Impala SS, with power choices including the new (and now very rare) 360-hp 409 cid (6.7-liter) V-8. After ’62, the SS became primarily an appearance package, but it still could be ordered with Chevrolet’s largest engines and beefed-up chassis components. The SS package was dropped for 1970, though the Impala could still be ordered with big-block power.

The 1962-’64 Impala was the last to use an X-type frame, before the ’65 with its perimeter frame and streamlined styling took over. These boxy Impalas, particularly 1964 models, have become an icon of hip-hop and low-rider culture.

We offer classic restoration auto parts for 1950-1970 Impalas, 1958-1970 Belair’s and Biscayne’s, as well as 1959-1960 El Camino’s. Our goal is to make shopping for your classic restoration parts easy and enjoyable. To do this, we have several ways you can shop for, and purchase your classic Impala, Belair, Biscayne, and El Camino parts. At any time if you have a question please feel free to submit an inquiry or call our store at (252)-513-0702.


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